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You Think It. We Print It.

Spreadshirt.com gives you a better way to design, buy and sell custom merchandise online. We make it easy for you to put your personal touch on a huge selection t-shirts, hoodies, hats, mugs and more.

If you're already a Spreadshirt lover, we hope you'll use this community to share your designs, tips and tricks with others. If you're new to Spreadshirt, well then, welcome to the community.

Shoe Laces

Hurry, Hurry - To celebrate the launch of custom shoes were are offering a free extra pair of shoe laces to the first 100 people to order shoes.
Right now custom shoes are only available to shop partners, so if you haven't added custom shoes to your shop, what are you waiting for?

Have you designed some shoes yet?  We want to see!!! What have you added to your shoes?

$5 off just for LiveJournal users

We are in the holiday mood here today at Spreadshirt. Just for the LiveJournal community take $5 off any purchase at Spreadshirt. Use the coupon to order from your shop or buy a shirt from one of the awesome designs in the marketplace. Just enter LJFRIENDS in the coupon box during checkout. Happy Shopping.
* Important Sounding Disclaimer - The Coupon is good until Dec. 1.

Mc T-shirt

Happy Monday! We hope you had a good holiday. I spent a ton of time with the family, the dinner time topic of conversation kept coming back to Grey's Anatomy, that addictive show on ABC. I am not a big TV person but I started watching Grey's Anatomy last week when I was home sick. You can watch the past 4 episodes on ABC.com, which is really great because there are less commercials when you watch online.
So now I have a TV show that I am addicted too and I discuss with my friend Hilary constantly. I need some help from fellow Grey's Anatomy fans - what saying from the show should I put on a t-shirt for my friend. I need to make a super cool Mc t-shirt for my Mc Awesome friend Hilary.
My sister called yesterday to tell me she is coming home for Thanksgiving and she asked if we could go Christmas shopping this weekend. My response "Are you crazy??" - I am not a fan of the crowds and craziness of the day after Thanksgiving shopping. I am planning on doing most of my shopping via Spreadshirt.com So I wanted to see if other people like to shop on black Friday...

Poll #873407 Shopping on Black Friday

Will you go shopping on black Friday?

I like to get up extra early to get inline before the stores open
I will be sleeping in, then eat some left overs and then I might go out to buy a new DVD
I will sit by the fire and shop on the internet
Are you crazy, I won't go near a mall on Black friday
I will be working it, at work

And the Winners Are....

For the second year in a row, Spreadshirt.net (.net is the European Spreadshirt) partnered with The London Design Festival to present “The Draw” - a t-shirt competition spectacular.  Here are the 3 winning designs.  Only  100 of each shirt will be sold.  Which is kind of cool that these designs will be limited.   Here is the US Shop (Click here for the European Shop).  You can read more about The Draw here.

Temple's Tips: Tackling Graphic FAQ's

Temple is one of the awesome people that work in Spreadshirt's customer service department. Each month she writes a new tip for our newsletter. Here is the latest tip about adding products to your shop. You can learn lots more cool stuff in the forums - http://forum.spreadshirt.com

We've added some cool new features to the "Product" section of your shop admin for the Holidays. One of these features allows you to create multiple shirts and edit them all at the same time! For example, if you want to add 20 snowflake shirts to your shop, this feature will make the process quick and easy.

Here's how it works: Add all the products to the shop, then use the checkbox and dropdown menu to select "Edit." After that, add the product name, description, commission, free color selection, and keywords (for better search engine results of course), enabling quick processing of your new products.

You'll want to be able to locate all of your holiday designs easily, so, add them to a category. In the "Products" section of your admin, click on "Category information" and add a Snowflake category. Go back to your product page, use the checkboxes and dropdown menu to select "Move," then select your new Snowflake category.

Then, when the holidays are over, you can use the category bar to select you Snowflake category to deactivate all the products.

2 more days for the shipping sale

Just wanted to remind all of our shop partners to tell your friends, family and customers that there are only 2 days left for the shipping sale - $5 off shipping on all orders of $25 or more. We wanted to give everyone an incentive to get their holiday shopping started early. (I write this as I look out our office window to a busy Pittsburgh getting ready for light up night.) Check your shop admin, under “Banner Services” for banners to promote the sale.
The newest Spreadshirt product, custom shoes, went live today (yay!!!).  For now, custom sneakers are only available to shop partners.  So, if you have a shop, you can now design custom shoes.  If you don't have a shop yet and want to open one, click here...it's free :-)

Featured Shop: Old Man Summer

Wow. We are so impressed with all of these awesome shops.  Thanks for sharing your info.
Check out Old Man Summer's shop.  I really like the text in your user picture.  Here is Old Man Summer's favorite t-shirt:

New userpics!

Created a few new userpics.  Check them out...and take 'em if you like 'em.

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