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You Think It. We Print It.

Spreadshirt.com gives you a better way to design, buy and sell custom merchandise online. We make it easy for you to put your personal touch on a huge selection t-shirts, hoodies, hats, mugs and more.

If you're already a Spreadshirt lover, we hope you'll use this community to share your designs, tips and tricks with others. If you're new to Spreadshirt, well then, welcome to the community.

Share your shop

We are looking to feature some Spreadshirt shops from LiveJournal users here in the community. Please leave a comment with a link to your shop. And maybe a fun little story about one of your t-shirts. So that we can choose some of your shirts to feature in our community!

Live From PodCamp Pittsburgh

Lynsie and I have been at PodCamp Pittbsurgh all day and we are having a super time. This conference is great. There are some awesome people here who know all about Podcasting, videos and blogs. PodCamp is called an unconference. I wasn't sure how an unconference would go but I am really impressed with how helpful everyone is. Lots of great discussion about how to best use the internet. Definitely not your boring stuffy conference.
Here is a picture of us at the registration table:

Here is a picture of a happy PodCamper holding the PodCamp tote bags that Spreadshirt made for the event.

Since we're all about customization we've made it easy for you to customize your shop URL.   Here's what you have to do:

- Log in to your shop.
- Click on "Spreadshop" on the left side of the screen.
- Then click on "Linking."  Here's what you'll see:

Once you've picked the perfect name for your shop link, click save and you're done!  Now you can start sending your friends and family to yourshopname.spreadshirt.com.  It's much easier to remember than the one that's assigned to you automatically :-).

Name That Bag

Keep an eye out for a new bag that you can design.  It is kind of like a messenger bag, but much more casual.  For now we are calling it the "Front Flap Bag"
Does anyone have any creative ideas for a bag name?
I have added some new user pic.
Check of this one of me and Josh in our LiveJournal and Vox t-shirts.

So here is my question - Do you have t-shirts from your favorite websites or blogs? 
What sites and which is your favorite?
(I just realized that I am sitting here writing this while wearing a t-shirt that says gap.com).

A t-shirt for Josh

Josh, who is in charge of all things internet here at the Pittsburgh Spreadshirt office, is on a quest to bring back the word "sexy." Rather than saying "cool" or "rad" - Josh will is on a one man quest to get more people to say "sexy." Sometimes this lingo makes for fun conversation around the office. Josh is on vacation for the next week but I think Lynsie, Leah and I should wear these shirts upon his return.
You can order your very own Sexy t-shirt from our shop partner Derailed Threads
Here's a great Spreadshirt feature that you can't find anywhere else...printing on sleeves!

Thats right. Totally Free! Spreadshirt makes it super easy, and did we mention FREE, to set up a shop. You upload the images or pick from some of ours (we have lots of them), you design the shirts. You can use our shop layout or design your own. If you like html, you can dress up the header for your shop or just leave it plain (which still looks nice) - you can check out my shop at www.IheartPGH.com. You set the prices and tell the world about your shop. When someone orders a t-shirt we print it and ship it. Great for bands, clubs, small businesses, blogs and friends. Click here to open a free shop.

Hello LiveJournal

Welcome to the Spreadshirt community. We are super excited to be on LiveJournal. We hope that you will use this community to learn more about Spreadshirt so you can set up your own shop, sell cool t-shirts (and other stuff) and make some money too. We will use this community to share
- tips and tricks about Spreadshirt
- fun stories from the Spreadshirt Home Office
- Special sales for the LiveJournal friends
and lots more

lynsiecamuso and lindsayluv (yes there are 2 people with the same name in one office)

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