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Temple's Tips: Tackling Graphic FAQ's

Temple is one of the awesome people that work in Spreadshirt's customer service department. Each month she writes a new tip for our newsletter. Here is the latest tip about adding products to your shop. You can learn lots more cool stuff in the forums - http://forum.spreadshirt.com

We've added some cool new features to the "Product" section of your shop admin for the Holidays. One of these features allows you to create multiple shirts and edit them all at the same time! For example, if you want to add 20 snowflake shirts to your shop, this feature will make the process quick and easy.

Here's how it works: Add all the products to the shop, then use the checkbox and dropdown menu to select "Edit." After that, add the product name, description, commission, free color selection, and keywords (for better search engine results of course), enabling quick processing of your new products.

You'll want to be able to locate all of your holiday designs easily, so, add them to a category. In the "Products" section of your admin, click on "Category information" and add a Snowflake category. Go back to your product page, use the checkboxes and dropdown menu to select "Move," then select your new Snowflake category.

Then, when the holidays are over, you can use the category bar to select you Snowflake category to deactivate all the products.


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Nov. 20th, 2006 04:51 pm (UTC)
Dude, Temple? I graduated from Cal U w/ her.
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